We have gained a lot of experience in the implementation of an optimal sales structure, resulting in a substantially higher efficiency and effectiveness of the sales department. We work according to the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) model, which will create a lemniscate with fixed steps in planning-sales-coaching-analysis.

Each step can be developed and supported by people XL. This offers a concrete insight in the quantity and quality of your sales department. Everything will become measurable. And, therefore, it will become clear where things are going alright and where improvements are necessary. We like to give you advice that works!


The implementation of a competence management system is also something we are experienced in. Organisations want to increase their efficiency. Processes are made more and more efficient and 'broader employability' is the keyword. The key to an optimal employability of staff is, in many cases, improving their performance and changing their professional behaviour.

Competence management is a means to optimise performance and behaviour.
By making effective (required) behaviour a topic of discussion, to assess it and to develop it. This can also be used during work assessments and job interviews in order to avoid mismatches at a later stage.

Our Consulting is refreshing and hands-on but leads to optimization of your sales department. Do you want to learn more about our advice with regard to sales? Give us a call!