Sales to maximumWe are specialised in tailor-made training in the field of commerce. We are able to challenge the participant to develop himself further. At any function or experience level.

Training just for the sake of training is pointless. Together with our client, we will first decide on the expected return. During the training we develop the skills the participant needs to enable him/her to function to his/her best abilities. And finally we make a practical translation of company knowledge. And still we offer competitive market rates, so you will get more for your money.

Our range of training options is competence-based. This means that we will establish the required competences, together with the required level per competence. We make the learning gap visible. The competence parts that need to be developed are then translated to learning goals, and the required behaviour is incorporated in the programme. This will make the progress measurable.

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In the field of commerce, we specialise in professional negotiation. We have developed 3 unique training programmes at different skills levels. The programmes consist for 80% of practice-oriented negotiation situations, which are, of course, tailor-made to your own client or customer situation. The result? Giving less discounts and increase your turnover and results!

  1. How can I get more control during quotation meetings with my clients?
    Training for sales staff to get a better control when discussing a quotation with the client and to steer the conversation towards the added value instead of the price. No more unnecessary discounts but better grip on the sales price. 
  1. How can I obtain more and better orders from 'difficult' and 'clever' clients?
    Training where every objection or negotiation technique is turned towards a positive purchase signal. Learning how to think 'against nature' will turn every AGAINST-argument from the client into an IN FAVOUR-argument for the prospective order. No more frustration and anxiety to lose the order, but seeing and using opportunities. 
  1. How can I survive a professional buyer?
    Training from the perspective of the buyer. Learn how a professional buyer prepares for and deals with quotation meetings. Gain insight in the 'toolbox' of the buyer which is filled with purchase techniques for maximum influence. Learn how to recognise negotiation tactics of the buyer, see right through them and counter them effectively!

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