'Being an entrepreneur is a top-class sport. In order to guarantee business continuity and intended growth of employees, the support of a professional trainer, coach or adviser is of great value. What if you were to answer the 3 questions below critically: 

  1. Is your sales structure up-to-date, providing you with an optimal effectiveness and efficiency?
  2. Does your sales staff master all finer negotiation skills, giving you an insight in an optimal result?
  3. Did you know that salesmen who have the best commercial communication skills reach a higher turnover of, on average, 15% compared to colleagues who are less skilled and working under the same circumstances? 

When these questions make you stop and think, then please take a moment to contact us. people XL has had an excellent reputation and high client satisfaction rate for the past 15 years. We guarantee a measurable result. This offers you the assurance that your business will actually benefit from your investment in staff training. And solid returns are what today's businesses absolutely need. I look forward to meeting you!' 

Andrew Sijtsma
Founder people XL


Your contact person at people XL is a professional. A seasoned combination of a chameleon and centipede. When necessary, we are able to change our role and play the devil's advocate to confront you with the situation you find yourself in. We feel at home in coaching and training of all layers within your organisation.

Our client approach? All organisations are unique. We start by making a thorough inventory in order to give you a targeted advice. This will result in an action plan, which includes the form and content and which answers the required objective.

How we work? We focus quickly on the development of the right competences, required behaviour and skills. This requires a considerable amount of effort from the participants, but everybody will go home with a measurable result. A personal action plan will monitor the own development.

Our strength? Tailor-made approach and identification. We first get to know our client to make the entire programme 100% tailor-made. This is what we do best. We offer group training, but at the same time we will make sure that each participant will grow in his/her own competence development. All this to increase the return of your business and your staff! 

Our name? Making people excel.
Our mission? Create a better return for your company.
Our experience? More than 500 companies and 34,000 participants over the past 15 years!